George Wolfskill Descendants

Back on 20 Jun 2001, I happened to be doing a moderately random (well, not very focussed, at least) search on the Web for references to folks who might have been named "John Wolfskill," since my father's name was John; his father was called Jack, and I understand that his father was named John.

I encountered some Web pages for the Bliley Electric Company; in particular

I established contact with Chuck Bliley. After some correspondence, he generously offered to provide my contact information to one of the above-referenced John Wolfskill's daughters. I accepted; we corresponded, and she wrote:

Chuck Bliley has given me your email concerning Wolfskill relations. As he told you, my father's middle name was Martin. While sorting through papers concerning biographical information on my Dad, I came across a family tree compiled by a John Hawkins of Summit California in March 1947 and in the corner it says "Bucklin, Mo. Wolfskills Sheet 7". In looking over the names and places, I and my cousin cannot identify any connections to our line of Wolfskills (although I suspect the American Wolfskills are all related somehow, somewhere back in time). However, it may be of interest to you in tracing your lines. I have made a copy and will be happy to mail it to you if you provide me with your address. Keep me informed as you sort out this puzzle! I have no idea how I came to have this paper, nor do I know the whereabouts of the other "sheets."

So she sent me a copy of the sheet in question in early February, 2002. After some dawdling on my part, I finally(!) got around to scanning it and placing the scanned image here so others might be able to make use of it, and perhaps help sort out its mysteries.

Unfortunately, my scanner could not image the entire sheet in one go, so a first copied the copy at Kinko's at a 90% image size. Then I was able to scan it in 2 pieces. I am placing both minimally-manipulated images, as well as versions that I have been digitally retouching (mostly forcing as much of the background to pure "white" as possible), thus both improving the legibility and reducing the size of the stored file.

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I have since determined that this George Wolfskill would have been a brother to my direct ancestor (Joseph Wolfskill, Jr.). Although I'm willing to help out as time and other resources permit, I do not intend to do much more on this branch of the family.

Comments? Please send them to David Wolfskill. Thanks!

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