When will AT&T finally fix their phone line??!?

Update as of 11:00 PDT 13 July 2018 (18:00 UTC): AT&T lineman is out, re-securing the downed lines to the roof of the house.

On Wednesday, 04 July 2018, at about 12:47:42 PDT (19:47:42 UTC), part of a tree broke off in a neighboring yard, came down, and struck both the PG&E power lines and the AT&T telephone lines to our house.

We lost power to the house; the telephone lines, despite being on the ground, remained attached and functional.

PG&E and AT&T were notified shortly thereafter.

A PG&E lineman arrived within 20 minutes; the go-ahead to restore power was given and power was restored at 13:37:00 PDT (20:37:04 UTC).

A neighbor took it upon himself to tie(!) the phone lines to a fence post, thus allowing traffic to pass by on the road in front of our house without hitting the lines.

I also filed a ticket with AT&T viw their Web interface; its status reads:

Our records indicate the technician needs access to your location and
was unable to gain access to your location to repair service for

Local Telephone Service

I noted in the ticket that a lift or a ladder would be needed. The lines are attached at the front of the house. I have no idea why AT&T would claim that the tech "was unable to gain access to your location."

Here's copy of the ticket I filed.
And here's a photo of the downed lines.