Hello, world!

Ever read Kernighan and Pike's The UNIX Programming Environment? I read it (not too long) before I actually used a UNIX system for the first time. (I was an MVS systems programmer back then.) And as I was reading it, I noted something peculiar, which this letter describes.

And here's a pointer to my FreeBSD page (along with reciprocal pointers to information on how I set up my laptop to run FreeBSD).

Some notes on deployment of ``wireless Ethernet'' (802.11b) are here.

I started collecting some genealogical information.

AT&T seems to have trouble repairing downed phone lines in a timely manner.

Driver Hall of Shame

Motorists -- please stay to the left of the fog line, unlike:

That just doesn't leave much room for a cyclist -- perhaps the driver wanted me to "take the lane??!?" This was around 6:08PM Tuesday, 12 July 2016 on Edgewood Rd, heading down from the I-280 overpass toward Edgewood Park and Preserve.

Do you recognize this driver?

If so, would you please encourage him to obey right-of-way rules when he's using the public roads?

The incident occurred around 5:18 PM on Friday, 20 May 2016. I was on my way home from work, coming down Edgewood Road on my bicycle with the headlight in "strobe" mode; he was exiting the parking lot for Edgewood County Park and Preserve. As I approached the newly-installed RADAR speed limit sign, it flashed "44" at me a couple of times. Up to this point, he had stayed out of my line of travel... and then he started pulling forward, getting to the above position about 1.2 seconds later. I narrowly avoided a collision.

Each of the above photos is a link to a larger image. I have additional images (and video); I may make some of that available later.